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Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2E 3M9
(905)358-9712; fax (905) 354-2650
E-mail: Christ Church

Congratulations on your engagement to be married! Since you are interested in a Christian wedding, let me summarize what this means from my perspective as an Anglican priest. 

Marriage is a sacrament – a visible sign of spiritual grace. It is one of the seven sacraments (Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Communion, Penance, Anointing of the Sick, and Holy Orders). Ironically, our society has become sceptical and forgetful of these other sacraments, it celebrates marriage with increasing ostentation and expense. This is, however, backwards from a Christian perspective because the sacraments of priority – that is, the two sacraments instituted by Jesus Christ for our salvation – are baptism and communion. 

So, just as baptism and communion are the sacraments of new life in Christ, so marriage is the sacrament of the creation of a new Christian family, and as such, it deserves a joyful celebration. If you are baptised, practicing Christians and would like to learn more about the meaning of marriage, I invite you to complete the attached application. Alternately, if thinking about marriage is prompting your interest in the Christian faith, please call, so that we can meet to discuss your spiritual journey. 

The Rev. Paul Maynard, Rector,
Christ Church  





Groom’s Name:________________________________________________________________
                                 (First)                                      (Middle)                        (Last)

 Date of Birth___________________ Place of Birth______________ Citizenship_____________

Father’s Name_______________________   Mother’s Name_____________________________

               (Street)                     (City)                               (Prov./State)                    (Postal Code)

 Telephone (____) _______________       (____)_____________ email:____________________
                                (Home)                                  (Work)

 Occupation:_______________________  Marital Status: Never Married    Divorced    Widowed 

Baptized:    YES            NO                       Date & Place of Baptism________________________ 

Regular Communicant:     YES       NO     Denomination________________________________ 

Current Home Parish:_________________________ Rector:_____________________________ 


Bride’s Name:_________________________________________________________________
                                    (First)                                   (Middle)                           (Last)

Date of Birth__________________ Place of Birth_______________ Citizenship_____________

Father’s Name_______________________          Mother’s Name_________________________

             (Street)                            (City)                (Prov./State)                             (Postal Code)

Telephone (____) _________________     (____)________________ email_________________
                                    (Home)                                 (Work)

Occupation________________________ Marital Status: Never Married    Divorced  Widowed

Baptized:     Yes        No                            Date & Place of Baptism_______________________

Regular Communicant:   Yes   No            Denomination:_______________________________

Current Home Parish:______________________   Rector:_____________________________

Couple’s Anticipated Telephone Number & Address after the Wedding (____)_________

         (Street)                     (City)                                  (Prov./State)                          (Postal Code)


The Wedding


Interview Date & Time:_______________   Rehearsal Date & Time_________________ 

Wedding Date & Time:_______________   Marriage Licence Number:______________ 

Marriage Preparation:_____________________________________________________ 

Service Form:  Book of Common Prayer, pp. 563-572  YES
                         Book of Alternative Services, pp. 528-550   YES 

Holy Communion: YES    NO   (Although this is not a mandatory part of the Wedding, couples are strongly encouraged to receive communion at the time of their marriage). 

Suitable Bible readings are listed in the Book of Alternative Services, pp. 549-550. The Bride and Groom may choose the readings and invite family members and friends to read one or two readings from the Old and New Testament list. Note: These readings are also suitable for a Book of Common Prayer Service only if Holy Communion is desired. Otherwise, the priest says one of the Psalms on p. 568 and no other readings are used.  

The First Reading:_________________________      Reader:____________________________ 

The Psalm: ______________________________       Reader:____________________________ 

The Second Reading:______________________        Reader:____________________________ 

The Gospel (if Communion is desired)______________________  (read by Priest) 

If, besides organ music, other music is desired, it must be distinctly Christian music, conforming to the style of Christ Church and chosen in consultation with the Rector and the Organist, Tom Skinner, (905)991-8242. Please indicate your wishes here:


Several optional prayers in the marriage liturgy refer to the “procreation, care, and upbringing of children.” Do you want these prayers to be included?   YES     NO

Witnesses (two are required in addition to the Priest)

1.______________________    Tel. (____)_____________ Address______________________

2.______________________    Tel. (____)_____________ Address:______________________

First Usher____________________________   Second Usher____________________________

Ring Bearer:_______________________              Flower Girl:___________________________

Wedding Party Number (not including the Bride & Groom): __________

Approximate Number of Guests:  ______________

Photographer:      YES    NO                                Videographer:   YES     NO

(Stationary videotaping is permitted during the service)

PLEASE NOTE that NO photography may take place during the ceremony or interfere with any part of the Wedding Service. Pictures may be taken, however, during the processions in and out of the Church, and after the Wedding, the wedding party is welcome to come back into the Church for additional picture taking.


Regular Christ Church Attender (either party)  YES      NO   (see fee schedule)


Christ Church Sunday Flowers (if available)   YES     NO (no extra charge)


Christ Church Pew Bows:  YES      NO (no extra charge)


Christ Church Candelabra:  YES   NO  (see fee schedule)



Marriage Fee Schedule


Booking Fee:                                                   $60 

Church Use Donation (non-attenders)                $120 

Church Use Donation (regular attenders)            $0 

Altar Guild (for preparing and decorating)           $60 

Caretaker (for cleaning before & after wedding)  $60 

Organist (Music at rehearsal and wedding)          $100 

Rector’s Fee                                                     $300 

Candelabra (down aisle & at front)                     $80 [optional] 

Bell Ringer’s Fee:                                              $75 [optional] 

Total for Non-attenders:                                  $700 

Total for Regular attenders:                            $640

Following the ceremony and registration, we would like the Priest to introduce us to the congregation as:



1.       The booking fee of $60 is non-refundable and is required to book the Wedding.

2.       Extra flowers, special pew bows, additional musicians, etc. must be provided and paid for by the Bride & Groom by their own arrangement, and subject to the final approval of the Rector. No flowers may be placed on the altar.

3.      All musical choices must conform to the rubrics of the Book of Alternative Services (p. 527), as interpreted by the Rector.

4.      All arrangements, including those pertaining to decorations and music, must be completed before the rehearsal.

5.      All required fees must be paid at or before the wedding rehearsal in cash, and in separate sealed envelopes addressed to the categories above. If required, a receipt may be provided at the Wedding.


Anglican Rules, Provincial Laws, and Points of Protocol 

1.       The Wedding will be conducted according to the rites of the Anglican Church of Canada in the form of The Book of Common Prayer [1962] or the Book of Alternative Services [1985]. For details re: music, etc. see Book of Alternative Services, p. 527 

2.       At least one of the applicants must be baptized, and this may be referred to the Diocesan Bishop for approval. If neither person is baptized, the couple cannot be married in the Anglican Church. 

3.       The Rector of Christ Church will be fully responsible for the conduct of the Service and all wedding activities that take place on Christ Church premises. 

4.       The Christ Church Organist is the organist and music director at all Christ Church weddings whenever there is to be music of any kind. 

5.       Couples must apply no less than sixty days before the proposed wedding date, unless special permission is granted by the Diocesan Bishop. 

6.       Applicants must have formal Marriage Preparations with the Rector, or show documentation of Marriage Preparation elsewhere. In either case, the Rector may deny the application for pastoral reasons; that is, if the couple does not seem suitable or ready for marriage, so please do not send out wedding invitations before you have  been assured by the Rector that the marriage may proceed. Please also note that it is the responsibility of the couple to call the Parish Office in plenty of time before the wedding to arrange for Marriage Preparation session(s). 

7.      Divorced persons applying for marriage must show legal documentation of the divorce decree to the Rector. Be prepared for a serious discussion of the previous relationship and the divorce, with both applicants present. 

8.      No person under sixteen (16) years of age may marry. Persons 16 or 17 years of age may marry only with the written permission of their parents/legal guardians. Consent forms for this purpose are available at the Municipal Office (cf. Requirements Respecting Marriage in Ontario). 

9.      Applicants must purchase their own marriage licence through a Service Ontario Office. The licence must be purchased within ninety days of the proposed wedding, and must be in the Rector’s office before the rehearsal. 

10.     All weddings at Christ Church are public services. The Priest may officiate at weddings outside of parish premises only by the permission of the Diocesan Bishop. Any outside weddings will also be conducted according to the foregoing Anglican guidelines. 

11.     Full payment according to the Christ Church Fee Schedule must be made no later than the wedding rehearsal, or the wedding may be subject to cancellation.

We accept the preceding rules, laws, and protocols, having read them carefully: 

Signature of the Bride: _________________________                Date: ____________________ 

Signature of the Groom: ________________________                Date: ____________________

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